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Welcome to x__alackofcolor. I made this community for my fellow OC music junkies on Fan Forum. We love The O.C. and the music on the show. As you can see, if you have joined, there is music from other shows too, such as Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, Laguna Beach, and so on. I decided to make the music for every show and not just one. Not all the music is up but it will be eventually. So if you like music or these shows, join!

-- If anybody goes to download a song, and the link is broke, tell me so i could reupload it asap =]
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CD Collection

These are all the full cd's that i have and could upload for anyone, which might take a while, but I will do it.

I'm always getting new cd's, so keep checking. (although sometimes i forget to update)

Some cd's I may not find in my room right away. Not that my room is messy it's just that I have a very large music collection, and sometimes I lose one with the other, ya know. And sometimes if I download the cd I forget to burn it off, and accidentally delete it instead. I have to go through them all this summer.

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