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The End Of Innocence
All Sad Girls Are Beautiful - Baby Blue

The Last Waltz
Basko - Ain't No Game

The Disconnect
The Invisible Men - Make It Bounce

The Chrismukkah Bar-Mitzvahkkah
Hot Hot Heat - Christmas Day In The Sun
Dionne Warwick & Friends - That's What Friends Are For
Village People - YMCA
APM - Silent Night
APM - God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
Firstcom - Silent Night On The Prairie
APM - Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel
Firstcom - Silent Night

The Sister Act
Goldspot - Time Bomb
The Funky Lowfives - Sail Into The Sun
APM - Back To Ours
Phontaine - Sour Milk
DJ Harry - All My Life

The Pot Stirrer
Electric Planet - Insomnia
Martina Topley Bird - I Only Have Eyes For You
Diefenbach - My Favourite Friend
Jose Gonzalez - Stay In The Shade
Howling Bells - Low Happening

The Cliffhanger
M. Craft - Love Knows How To Fight
Black Flag - Wasted


The Way We Were
Ester - Elefant
The New Year - The End's Not Near

The New Kids On The Block
A.C. Newman - On The Table
The Beta Band - Assessment
Pet - No Yes No
The Thrills - Faded Beauty Queens
The Perishers - Weekends

The New Era
The Mosquitos - Domesticade
Ambulance LTD - Primitive ( the way i treat you )

The SnO.C.
Feist - Let It Die
Mascott - turn off/turn on

The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn't
Har Mar Superstar - As
Guster - mamacita, donde esta santa claus
Van McCoy - Hustle
Leona Naess - Christmas
CHAP 200 - silent night

The Family Ties
Martina Topley Bird - Soulfood ( charles webster's banging house dub )

The Power Of Love
Sandy Cohen - dont give up on me ( tv rip )
Sandy Cohen - she's no lady, she's my wife ( tv rip )

The Ex-Factor
The Thrills - Saturday Night
Tom Quick - Honeydew
The Thrills - curse of comfort

The Accomplice
Tiger Lou - warmth
Ringside - Strangerman

The Second Chance
The Delgados - everybody come down
M. Craft - Sweets
The Reindeer - cartwheels

The Lonely Hearts Club
J. Belle - No idea
Bang Gang - Follow

The Test
Sam Roberts - no sleep
Viva Voce - lesson no 1
Sunday Runners - memories left at sea
Lali Puna - faking the books

The Rainy Day Women
Bell X1 - in every sunflower
Louis XIV - faking the books
Jayhawks - save it for a rainy day
Joel Evans & Friends - no easy way to say goodbye

The Mallpisode
Beck - e-pro, que onda guero, missing, true love will find you in the end
The Murmurs - big talker
Pansy Divison - at the mall
Sam Prekop - C + F

The Blaze Of Glory
Scorpions - rock you like a hurricane
Army Navy - snakes of hawaii

The Brothers Grim
Arthur Yoria - Call me
Kaiser Cheifs - saturday night
Justin Catalino - beat up blue ( lucid version )
Eagles Of Death Metal - i only want you

The Risky Business
Tangerine Dream - love on a real train
Chemical Brothers - marvo ging

The Rager
The Obscurities - stop dragging me down
The Church - under the mily way
Beat Phreaks - mi casa

The O.C. Confidential
The Koreans - how does it feel
Juana Molina - tres cosas
Temper Temper - trust me
Soulwax - e talking
Home Video - superluminal

The Return Of The Nana
Alan Paul - adios
Cham pain - get down
Rigoletto - questa o quella
Marc Durset Trio - night groove

The Showdown
The Cribs - hey scenesters !
Soledad Brothers - cage that tiger
The Rogers Sisters - freight elevators

The O.Sea
My Pet Genius - rae
Hyper - antmusic


The Pilot
The K.G.B. - i'm a player
Maximum Roach - let it roll
Cham Pain - show me

The Model Home
Shady Lady - we're going out tonight

The Gamble
Brooke - i wanna be happy
James Hormer - sing sing sing ( with a swing )

The Debut
The Smashing Pumpkins - to sheila

The Outsider
The Grand Skeems - sucka mc's, eya eya oy, rock like this

The Girlfriend
The Runaways - wait for me
The Faders - disco church
Palm Street - break
Usher - do you
Tricky - hollow

The Escape
Los Cubaztecas - ritmo de oro
Rockers Hi-Fi - going under ( kruder & dorfmeister remix )

The Homecoming
The Job Buzon Trio - caravan
Gordon Jenkins - caravan

The Best Chrismukkah Ever
Dandy Warhols - ( you come in ) burned
Firstcom - silent night

The Countdown
The Pattern - selling submarines
The Vacation - make up your mind
Brookeville - walking on moonlight
Alkaline Trio - we've had enough
Zero 7 Photek Remix - destiny
Dropkick Murphy's - walkaway
Suicide Machines - did you ever get a feeling of dread

The Third Wheel
Laptop - want in
Ash - burn baby burn
Buva - should i know
Anna and Summer - Thank you for being a friend ( Golden Girls theme ) ( tv rip )

The Links
Puddle Of Mudd - away from me

The Rivals
The New Amsterdams - spoils of the spoiled

The Truth
Mastersource - watching the game at joes

The Heartbreak
Mojave 3 - billoddity
Mastersource - dreamtime

The Telenovela
Preston School Of Industry - caught in the rain
James William Hindle - leaving trains

The Goodbye Girl
Trespassers William - alone
Mastersource - walkin' the walk, something for you

The L.A.
The Secret Machines - Road Leads Where It's Led
Radio 4 - Start A Fire
Timo Mass - To Get Down
K-Dub - get krunk
Kid Gloves - espionage

The Proposal
Richard Hayman & His Orchestra - Autumn leaves

The Ties That Bind
Orquestra del Playa - Montserrat
Car 188 - bridal march
APM - here comes the bride

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