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..a lack of color..

there's a lack of color here...
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This community is for music in general, but mostly The OC music. Although when we get around to it, we will be posting music from other shows. We are open for discussion about all types of music on shows, but we do love OC music the best!. Please join if your a fan of music though! We have an OC thread on fanforum too! So go join the fun there to!
60's music, 70's music, 80's music, 90's music, a lack of color, adam brody, alexi murdoch, aqualung, aqueduct, athlete, baby blue, bell x1, ben mckenzie, big japan, bill frisell, bloc party, books, captain oats, chrismukkah, chrismukkah music, clark kent, coldplay, covers, daft punk, dashboard confessional, dawson's creek, dawson's creek music, death cab, death cab for cutie, desperate housewives, desperate housewives music, dirty vegas, doves, dvds, emo, everwood, everwood music, ewan mcgregor, forever young, friends, friends music, george harrison, gilmore girls, gilmore girls music, gorillaz, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, grey's anatomy music, indie, jeff buckley, jem, jimmy eat world, john lennon, kaitlyn cooper, keane, kelly rowland, kid chino, laguna beach, laguna beach music, le tigre, little miss vixen, logan huntzberger, lorelai gilmore, lost, lost music, manishevitz, marissa cooper, matt pond pa, mazzy star, mischa barton, modest mouse, moulin rouge, movie music, movie soundtracks, movies, mp3's, mp3s, music, nada surf, naley, nathan/haley, one tree hill, one tree hill music, orange, paint the silence, paul mccartney, paul mccartney & wings, pennywise, peter gallagher, petra haden, phantom planet, princess sparkle, rachel bilson, reunion, reunion music, ringo starr, rock, rock & roll, rogue wave, rooney, rory gilmore, ryan adams, ryan atwood, sean faris, seth cohen, shout out louds, singing, singing in the rain, singing in the shower, smallville, smallville music, south, spoon, stars, summer roberts, the 88, the a-list, the album leaf, the beatles, the bravery, the dandy warhols, the dead 60's, the doves, the ironist, the it girl, the oc, the oc music, the olsen twins, tourist, tv music, tv show music, underoath, veronica mars, veronica mars music, wilco, will estes, yellowcard, youthgroup